Below is the best source we have found for all-around great information, all in one place. It is a free puppy training book to skim through and also to refer back to when the inevitable challenge arises. Even if you've raised a puppy before, it's surprising how much you forget until you're in the thick of it! 


This information is certainly not meant to overwhelm you.  Instead, we hope when you peruse the Table of Contents, you will see topics that are most pertinent now, and then refer back often as you reach different stages of the puppy's development. 


Most people don't know about fear stages that pups go through in the first year and a half of their lives, and how to successfully navigate those to end up with a confident, happy dog who can safely go everywhere with you. Check out these links:


Please know that we are always here to answer questions and help you work with your pup so they can be their BEST self, both immediately after adoption and years down the road.


Kirsten & the entire team at HOABCR-- 

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