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Online Resources


Check out this free online puppy training book from one of the world's foremost puppy experts. 


Skim through it, and refer back to specific sections when the inevitable challenge arises. Even if you've raised a puppy before, it's surprising how much you forget until you're in the thick of it!     


More free resources: 


Fear Stages:  Many people don't know about fear stages that pups go through in the first year and a half of their lives.  Successful navigation can be tricky! Check out these links:


HOABCR is ALWAYS here to answer questions and help you work with your puppy or dog.  We want them to be their BEST self, both immediately after adoption and years down the road!

Socialization, Socialization, Socialization

- A list of ideas to ensure your puppy feels comfortable in his or her new world.
View our handy socialization document now>>

There's an App for That!  "Pupstanding"

- Download this incredible app to your phone for on-the-go socialization ideas and tracking. It's AMAZING!
View Now>>

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