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We are closed to rehoming/relinquishment requests at this time.
If you have adopted a dog from HOABCR and are in need of assistance, please send an email to

​Rehome a Dog


Sadly, we all know circumstances can arise where we can no longer care for our dogs and want the best for them. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact us so we can assess the dog and our available foster resources to decide if we can bring the dog into rescue.

If you are having difficulties with a dog’s behavior and need advice to avoid a rehoming situation, please contact us. Our volunteers will try to help you get the assistance you need.

Please note: Every effort is taken to make this process as efficient as possible but there are times that there may be delays to the volunteers/fosters schedules.

After filling out the owner's release agreement (Relinquishment Form) – PLEASE EMAIL PHOTOS OF THIS DOG TO:


This is a service provided to help place Border Collies in new homes when their present owners can no longer keep them. This service is free, though a small monetary donation, or donation of crate, dog bed, dog toys, food, etc, would be appreciated.

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